Marvel Legacy Lenticular – Whats that?!

As Marvel Legacy quickly approaches, Marvel Comics continues to build up the hype around the project by revealing renumbered titles, new storylines and a whole new slate of ongoing series. Now, the publisher has announced that all of the Marvel Legacy homage variants released late last month will also be available as lenticular covers.

In a press release, Marvel revealed that the lenticular covers will arrive in comic shops this fall, with limited quantities available. Though lenticular covers enjoyed massive popularity in the speculator market-era of the ’90s, Marvel hasn’t employed this tactic for years; DC Comics, on the other hand, just recently offered a set of lenticular covers for “The Button,” the Batman and Flash four-part crossover.

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Here is the Marvel Legacy Lenticular variant covers!

Lenticular variant cover for the upcoming "The thing and the human torch" Lenticular variant cover for the unbeatable Squirrel Girl! Marvel Legacy Lenticular variant cover for Falcon! Behold! The Lenticular variant cover for Doctor Strange

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